07, Aug, 2020

Sri Lanka, the best Country to travel After Covid-19

Developed eco-friendly Highways and comfortable transportation mean it’s easier than ever traveling from one place to another in Sri Lanka.

Almost more than 200Countries and their tourism have been badly affected with Covid 19 virus, as we know there is a bad side of this virus and also we can figure out there is something good happening to Nature, As a solo traveler for the past 5 years in Sri Lanka I have experienced every fact a tourist faced when having no idea of a perfect travel plan or a guide, So as a Sri Lankans and also as  Travelers we can assume the rise of tourism faster than any other nation by past experiences such as war and terrorist attacks the country had to go through.
As a tourist destination, you can experience the three types of the season(Spring, Summer, Autumn) by traveling within the country, it has a vast and rich cultural diversity which you can never experience other than Sri Lanka, Culture often reflects through accent, Greetings, Foods, architecture, and Rituals. Known as a Multicultural Nation with the majority of Buddhism you can enjoy plenty of Religious and cultural festivals in April, August, December, Hindu religious festivals are quiet calm and known as indoor activities with their own families, festivals such as Deepawali and Thai Pongal.

Why Sri Lanka is the best after Covid 19?

Sri Lanka has a high Percentage of Natural Resources comparing to other tourist destinations, this was one main reason to rank No 1 in 2019, and it was confirmed at the beginning by the chairman of WTO that Sri Lanka is the best destination to stay safe from the Pandemic with high-temperature in the country. 
Past few months we can Consider as a break time for Sri Lanka tourism to improve some natural beauty, every country is polluted by its own people and this time nature punished the humans to recover and rebuild the beauty and Species by itself.
Sri Lanka owns the most valuable gemstones and mining, continues mining and pollution affected the soil which gave a high reputation for the country,  Mining is been effected with the lockdown and it will be starting on July, and it is evaluated that percentage is high to gain valuable of gemstones and every tourist will be benefited to visite and purchase, while August is being the month of Perehara festivals, Country’s most wonderful and religious season of the year, Colorful and high cultural activities and night time till next morning, Dalada Perahara is the Main Religious Activity conducted at Sri Dalada Maligawa for continues seven days.

Affordable Stay and expenses due to Covid19.

Kandy and Ella are listed as the most visited tourist locations in Sri Lanka, the charges of rooms and attractions are to be reduced to gear up the tourism and motivate travelers, ones to visit after the pandemic are to be most benefited to experience the taste of SL tourism for reasonable fairs.lockdown have made the attractions more beautiful naturally, Creatures have expanded 3%, waterfalls, camping & hiking areas, attractions are to be more pleasant and clean than ever due to no human engagements which is mean less pollution, the calmness has improved the locations tremendously, the most to visit first are blessed to breath pure air and enjoy twice as for the same amount spend before the pandemic, most hotels have offered 50% discounts, same time tour operators have reduced the hire charges from 20%, according to calculations 70% save from previous tours.

Attractions have become more attractive than ever with fewer human engagements and pollution for the past few months, animals are freely enjoying nature and greenery views have grown.

Want to feel like Switzerland with a Low Budget?

Ella and Nuwara Eliya have a lot to offer if you visit Sri Lanka, the feeling is a blend of romance, calm and entertainment, no wonder that one who visits for the first time repeats again. it has one of the famous waterfalls on the island with a broad History that still the researches are carried out of king Ravana and the caves, below are the pics to put to your bucket to make your stay memorable.
Ravana falls and Ravana cave(Nildiya pokuna)

By entering the cave with a qualified guide you can see the natural pool of king Ravana, water is clear as glass, Adventure fill journey to the cave.

Best Beach life in Sri Lanka.

Experience the beach life as you wish in the right way with perfect guidance, Surfing, whale watching, coral diving, and much more fun with beautiful sea life.

Source: World Hoteliers Blog

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